July 2019: Site-specific, light-activated mural on view for Fourth World at Knockdown Center - and three sculptures!

June 2019: See Xspx Drawings in Liberation at FXcollaborative, New York

March 2019: Penis Drawings are featured in Circus of Books at Fierman, New York — curated by David Fierman and Rachel Mason

Feb 2019: Xspx Drawing: Beem is featured in Spraybows at Flowers Gallery, Oakland

Aug 2018: Blouin Artinfo selects Heart of Glass for its review of Summer of Love at Freight & Volume Gallery

July 2018: Heart of Glass (2007) is featured in Summer of Love at Freight & Volume Gallery

July 2018: See more of Changing of the Guard at ARTnews.

July 2018: Changing of the Guard, a new mural, is on view at Invisible-Exports

04/16 “Maybe somebody likes fine-line pen and ink drawings of freaky kids in orgy situations, or somebody likes big graphic process painting,” said Pierson, talking about Michael Bilsborough’s and Florence Derive’s work respectively."

04/16 Vintage drawings featured in "Tomorrow's Man," curated by Jack Pierson at University of Nevada, Reno.

04/16 New drawings featured in "Piss Elegant," curated by Billy Miller at Bureau of Services Queer Division, NYC.

03/16 HELLO TODAY X prints are on view in "Art Must Go," curated by Billy Miller at Circus of Books, Los Angeles.

02/16 HELLO TODAY X prints are in the Straight to Hell booth, curated by Billy Miller, at the L.A. Art Book Fair

11/15 HELLO TODAY print, "Cortex," included in "Goddag Mann! Kunstsamling," curated by Geir Haraldseth, Rogaland Contemporary Art Centre, Stavanger, Norway!

11/15 HELLO TODAY light box prints on view at FOUR A.M through December 2! 

10/15 HELLO TODAY is available at the new Printed Matter

09/15 HELLO TODAY collage, "History," is featured in the print version of Bookforum!

07/15 My drawing, "Trap," is featured on Things Magazine Tumblr!

07/15 HELLO TODAY collage and drawing included in "Only 2.5 Hours from GWB," a group show curated by Pia Dehne! 

HELLO TODAY featured on the Kickstarter blog!

HELLO TODAY is a Staff Pick on Kickstarter!

HELLO TODAY has launched on Kickstarter!

My drawing, "Strategic Ambiguity," appears in "How to Live Like Architect Charles Renfro!"

A drawing from 2005 appears in this Holopaw video directed by Adam Baran!

A review by Elisabeth Kley in Time Out New York!

An interview with Paddle 8!

A V Files feature in V Magazine!

An interview in Artlurker!